Hanging out

Some fun pictures to go along with some fun stories:


“I am just so tired of going potty.” -Ethan says when told to try going potty before bed

After singing, “I Love You, Lord” before bed the other night, Ethan says, “you have a sweet sound Mommy.  And Daddy has a sweet sound.  And I do and Micah does.”  I agree with him and explain the song, “Jesus thinks we have sweet sounds when we sing to Him and because He loves us so much and loves to hear us sing.”  His reply, “Yep.  And I love Him. And He is in heaven.”

I was sick the other day and after throwing up =( Ethan brings my water to me and says, “drink some water, Mommy.”  So I take a drink of it, of course.  He continued to have me drink water until he said, “No more water, Mommy.  You have to go potty first.”

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