Getting Ready for a Wedding

Mike is in our friend’s wedding this weekend.  I’ve been getting Ethan ready for the big event – try on the outfit and model it, get hair cut, etc.  He’s getting a little bit confused, though, because he is going to be IN my brother’s wedding in October.  Ethan was telling me that he is going to say, “HI!” to Uncle Ger when he goes down the aisle.  He’s pretty excited that he’ll get to say, “hi” to Jason when he gets up there, too. Really funny.

I’m hoping to get a few practice walks down the aisle this weekend.


They gave Ethan a sucker after he got his haircut (why do people always show things to kids before checking with Mom first?).  He was very excited about it and told me that he, “loved the flavor in it” and that “it tasted good on his tongue”. Well-worth it.

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