Wedding in Vail

This past weekend our friends got married in Vail.  Mike went up early since he was in the wedding.  The boys and I came a couple days later.  Mike said that a lot of the people who had made the trek had had car trouble, so we took it easy getting up the mountain.  The drive was nuts!  It takes about 2 hours to get there. At the start of our drive, it was 101 degrees.  The coldest it got was 47 degrees (which is when I started hitting myself for not packing warmer clothes for the boys)  At one point there was hail.  When we got to Vail, it was back to a beautiful 80 degrees.  The boys handled the drive (and the whole weekend) like champs.

At about 8 or 8:30 on the night of the wedding, Ethan said he was ready to go to bed at his “home in the mountains”.  We didn’t even get to eat cake!!  But I can’t complain that we’ve got a boy that knows when he’s tired!!  And Micah was sick, so it was nice that both boys wanted to leave at the same time.

We hung out in Vail as a family for a little bit on Sunday before heading back home.  It made us realize (again) how much we love being in the mountains.


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