Grandma Cleve

Grandma Cleve came to visit us this past week.  She flew in on Thursday morning.  It was VERY exciting to know that Grandma Cleve would be at our house when we got back from our first day back at Bible Study. (In fact, TODAY as we were leaving for Bible Study, Ethan shouted with glee, “And when we get back, Grandma Cleve will be here!!!”)  We had a lot of fun with her!  



If you asked Ethan what his favorite thing to do with Grandma Cleve was, he would answer, “go to the sand park”.  We had a picnic there and also spent some other days building castles and watching all of the construction around the neighborhood. 


If you asked ME what my favorite part of her visit was, I would tell you that we loved playing mini-golf with her.  It was epic.  Ethan got a hole-in-one on the second two holes!!  Grandma Cleve got 3 scattered throughout the course and Mike and I both got one of the same hole.  


We also went to Whole Foods for our usual family breakfast on Saturday and met Reggie there.  It’s always a pleasure spending time with him.


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