Georgia on our mind…

It’s more than official now.  We’re counting down the days until we move across the country to Georgia.  At this point, we’ve got about a month until the move is complete.

Within a month’s time (Oct 10th-Nov 12th), Mike heard about an awesome position at BIAS Corporation, had a phone interview, interviewed in person and was offered the job.  Very soon thereafter we submitted an offer on a beautiful house in John’s Creek, Georgia (a suburb north of Atlanta).  Within two hours, while Mike was golfing, the offer was accepted.  We like to move quickly!  

In all honesty, though, we haven’t taken this decision lightly and sought a lot of wisdom from many of you.  We’ve seen the Lord’s hand moving in every detail of this decision and we feel confident that we’ve made a good one. So, while we are incredibly sad to say goodbye to our friends and family here, our church, the mountains, familiarity…we are equally excited for our new adventure. 

Here’s a picture of the house we will close on in late January:


Mike will be working with one of our friends, Dinesh, who he originally worked with in Bermuda.  It’s wonderful to know that we’ve already got such great friends with sweet children (well, almost “children” as Monika is still pregnant with their second)!

Here are a few pictures of Ethan with Monika and Dinesh from our only visit out there a couple of years ago:


We both had our last day at IBM and Friends for Youth this past Friday and are now in the full swing of getting prepared for the big move.  We appreciate your prayers for all the details, for our hearts, and for continued unity in our family.


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