Board Games

Ethan got “Candy Land” and “Chutes and Ladders” from Grandma Cleve for Christmas.  He has always loved playing the matching game or dominoes, but he’s really getting into playing these games.  Every time Micah goes down for a nap, Ethan wants to play a game.  


We even made up two new games – “Ethan’s World” (it resembles “Candy Land”, but it has tow trucks, construction zones, train tracks, etc. rather than yummy treats) and “Micah’s Mountain” (which is similar to “Chutes and Ladders” in the sense that you spin the little wheel to find out how many spaces you can move).  We’ve played “Ethan’s World” a lot more often than “Micah’s Mountain” (surprise, surprise).  Some highlights include the “you can do it” sticker at the beginning of the game, the awesome train tracks that bring you closer to winning, the detour, the top secret helicopter that brings you within 10 spaces of winning.  It’s pretty fun!


He has been telling me that we need to make 2 more games still: “Mommy’s World” and “Daddy’s World”.  Unfortunately, I’m not very clever so the games would probably be very slightly different versions of the games we already made and I don’t have enough patience to try to ward off his constant placing-stickers-in-the-wrong-box for another two games.  It’s exhausting!

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