A weekend away

Mike (and his mom) blessed me with a wonderful weekend away from the kiddos last weekend.  I have never been more surprised in my entire life (yes, even when he proposed to me I had more of an idea what was coming than I did with this)!  On Saturday morning, Mike took Ethan with him to run some “errands”.  While he was away, he sent me an email with a list of instructions for the day.  One of my instructions was to pack a bag… When he and E got back, he found me in the room packing my bag.  He said something to make me think that packing the bag was a decoy and he had something else in mind and then said that Ethan was waiting to talk to me.  When I got to the dining room, Grandma Cleve was sitting there with Ethan on her lap!  I was SO stunned and SO excited I just started crying.  I love my family. =D

Mike and I went downtown for the rest of the weekend.  We had lunch at Whole Foods and also picked up some yummy treats for the movie we were headed to see (SO fun to get out to see “The Hobbit” – we hadn’t gone to a movie in a very, very long time).  We stopped in at the Hyatt where we stayed our first night as a married couple – what a beautiful VIEW – and grabbed a drink.  We also had some incredible food at various fun places around downtown Denver.  We were able to walk everywhere easily and had such a great time enjoying our home of the past 10 years.  On our way back to our condo Sunday afternoon, we stopped by CCU (the college we both graduated from in ’06) and reminisced.  The “Cockpit” was the name of Mike’s stairwell our freshman year…it brought back so many memories!


Honestly, this weekend was one of my biggest highlights for 2012.  It was so much fun!!  And Grandma Cleve did an excellent job caring for our boys.  We were able to fully relax knowing that our boys were with her.  A HUGE thank you for coming out for such a short weekend!  Here are a few pictures we snapped with Grandma Cleve:


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