3 year old theology


There is nothing sweeter to me than knowing that our children are learning about Jesus and how much He loves them.  Today was filled with this wonderful sweetness.

  • I told Ethan this morning that I was so excited to go to Bible Study.  He said, “why? Because you get to learn about Jesus?”  I said, “Yep!  I love Him.”  He replied, “I love Jesus, too.”
  • When we got to the church we were admiring the big cross and how many people were at the church.  Ethan says, “why is there a big cross?”  I reply, “a lot of churches have crosses on them to show that they love Jesus and believe that He died for them.”
  • We dropped Micah off at his class first.  We’ve had a 3 week break from Bible Study and Micah still remembered his teacher.  She came over to take him in the room and he reached out to her and rested his head on her shoulder.  He didn’t even look back at me to say goodbye.
  • I asked Ethan after Bible Study what he learned about and he told me that he learned about Abraham.  And “I learned that God keeps His promises.”

Later in the day we were randomly singing “Who Built the Ark? Noah, Noah.”  And Ethan, in typical silly Ethan fashion, said, “did you build the ark, Mommy?”  

I said, “Yep.  I built it.”  

Ethan responded, “No, you didn’t.  Noah built the ark.  Why did he build the ark?” 

“God told him to builld it because there was going to be a big flood.”

“Why was there going to be a big flood?” 

Loaded question.  “Well…God wanted to start over because people had gotten to be so naughty and were sinning a lot….”

“He wanted them to be fruitful?” (he was trying to piece together his Bible Study lessons…God told them to be fruitful and fill the earth after the flood came)

“Hmm? What?”

He changes the subject.  “What’s sin?”

Yikes.  What have I done??  “It’s doing things that God doesn’t want you to do.  Or not doing the things He wants you to do.”

“Like what?”

“Well, what do you think God wants you to do?”

“Be kind.  And be polite.”

“Yeah, and love each other.  And be respectful.”

“How can we love God?” (he is not asking about how totally depraved creatures can love)

“Do you mean, ‘how do we show God that we love Him’?”


“How do you think we can show Him that we love Him?”

“Doggy wants to talk about something different now.  He wants to know what your favorite kind of bird is…. He likes a snowy egret.  I like a hummingbird.”

Sweet.  Just simple truths.  And my dad is really rubbing off on him…a snowy egret??  

  • Still later in the day, Ethan was sitting on the dining room chairs he arranged into a ‘bed’ and said to me, “I’m just thinking about Jesus.”  “Oh?  What are you thinking about?”  “Just what I learn about Him at Bible Study.  It’s going to take a while.” 

I LOVE how my Jesus is working in our home.  

Side note: I highly recommend Bible Study Fellowship.  There are classes for men, women, children…day or night…all around the world.  You should definitely look into finding a class near you in 2013.  It’ll change your world. www.bsfinternational.org

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