Playing a little catch up

Short little update on our lives: Ethan and Micah are becoming buddies – big time!  Ethan always asks Micah to play games with him.  He especially enjoys when Micah chases him around the house.  E ends up lapping him multiple times, but they giggle the whole time.  Micah has learned to point to his nose and head – mostly because of Ethan’s help, I think.  He’s also getting very good at spotting the cats that roam our neighborhood and the many birds in our yard.  Just yesterday he used the “cat” sign for the first time.  He loves talking about birds and fans – two of his favs.

Here are a few pictures of us enjoying our new lives in Georgia:

IMG_9050IMG_9051IMG_9004 IMG_9015

There’s an elementary school just up the street from us.  After 3 pm during the week the park is fair game for everyone.  We spend a lot of time there.

IMG_9026 IMG_9027

Finished changing all of the door handles at the house.  Ethan became quite the pro!

IMG_9034 IMG_9032

Here’s Micah showing us his nose:


Check out Micah’s shoes!  Hand-me-down from Ethan…originally a gift from Uncle Jason and Aunt Jennie, I think…SO cute!  He looks way too old in them, though!


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