They play together very nicely, most of the time.  Ethan does a good job adjusting when Micah steals the car we were driving around and plays hide and seek with it under the awesome new rug we got from Grandma Cleve. =)

IMG_9462 IMG_9463 IMG_9467 IMG_9469

One of our neighbors has about a dozen cats (a slight exaggeration, but I truly haven’t been able to track down how many there are) and they roam the neighborhood.  We are always entertained by them.  Today two of them were in our backyard.


One of the highlights of our day today: CHALK!!  We got the sidewalk ready for our visitors – Uncle Ger and Aunt Lauren – who will be here tomorrow night late.


IMG_9519 IMG_9511 IMG_9516IMG_9522

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