Bible Study Fellowship

I know, you’re probably sick of hearing me sing its praises, but truly…Bible Study Fellowship is worth all of the time and effort it takes.  I admit, my heart still misses hearing Tina (the leader in Denver) addressing the “girls” and telling us the love story of the Bible and making us sing one of her billion favorite hymns “The God of Abraham Praise” (which we sang here today!!), but I am loving the classes out here, too.  Plug for BSF in Lakewood – it fills up FAST, so if you are interested in signing up for next year, you absolutely MUST go to the welcome class in May.  I will get you details, but set it as a priority.  You won’t want to miss it…especially if you have a little one (or will next year!) Next year we will be studying Matthew…no matter where you live, we will be studying the same thing on the same week and so will our kids!

NOW…on to my story for today.  Ethan is apparently coming out of his shell at BSF.  Today his teacher asked him to help make a new boy feel welcome.  E held the boys’ hand or had his arm around him everywhere they went for the whole class!  She said he was so loving and nurturing. =)  Love it!

We’re learning about Joseph right now…I had to do some redirecting with Ethan after he knocked Micah over (again…) and asked him to tell me about how Joseph’s brothers treated him and whether God was happy with that….he got the point.  It’s nice to know exactly what he learned about so that I can continue to talk through the lesson with them all week long.  If you ask him about his Bible verse this week, he might be able to tell you that it’s Romans 8:28.  Quiz him when you skype him, everyone! =)

…without further adieu, here’s a picture of my cuties after BSF today.  They always have a little “liquid” snack (it’s just one of those baby food pouches of fruits and veggies) on the way home.  As soon as we get close to the car Micah starts signing for his snack. =) Tradition.

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