Grandpa and Grandma

My parents are  officially done with their first “season” in Florida.  They spent the last three months there and really enjoyed themselves. We just so happen to be at about the halfway point between Naples and Kenosha, so stopping at our house on the way is especially ideal.  In fact, my Aunt Sally and Uncle Brad and one of my cousins, Anne, made the stop on their way through, too.  We were thrilled to get to host them all, albeit briefly.  My parents stayed with us for a few days and have now started the long drive back home.  Here are some pictures from their time with us.  Two major highlights: Ethan successfully rode his bike and our neighbors are taking down a bunch of trees in their backyard (Bobcat, dump truck, logging truck…all so close!!).

Here’s E preparing his welcome sign:


Playing at our house:

Ethan Micah IMG_9697 Ethan's WorldIMG_9750

Time at the park up the street:

Ethan, Mom, slide-s Micah, Grandma

Doing yardwork (Ethan coaxed Grandpa into doing his “glove project” with him):

yard detail-2 yard detail IMG_9699IMG_9705 IMG_9700

Anne, Brad and Sal (our short, but sweet visit with extended family).  When Ethan saw Uncle Brad sleeping on the couch Saturday morning, he ran back upstairs to put on his Packers jersey. =)

Anne, Ethan Brad, Ethan Sal, Jess

Out to eat (Yum!):



IMG_9724 Ethan, bike-2

Eating grapefruit:

IMG_9709 IMG_9717


IMG_9762 IMG_9764

I’ll post the construction pictures in the next post. =)


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