Glimpses into our day

Waving goodbye to Daddy:


Watching Veggie Tales while Mama gets ready for the day (unfortunately…ish…Micah doesn’t like watching for more than about 5 minutes):


Playing cars (I put Micah in his chair so he could reach, too):

IMG_9856 IMG_9857

Playing “Matching” with Ethan while Micah naps:


Time outside – tracing hands with chalk and trying to retrieve the soccer ball from under the car:

IMG_9872 IMG_9873

Drinking super shakes:

IMG_5781 IMG_5792

Throwing away trash (Ethan opens the lid for Micah…they both think it’s awesome):


Time on our porch (rice box and watching construction workers):

IMG_9936 IMG_9940 IMG_9941

“Recycling” (AKA toys in bins…toys on couch…toys on floor…toys in bins…toys on couch…toys on floor…high five!):

IMG_9907 IMG_9911IMG_9914 IMG_9918

Take a break on Mom’s lap:


I don’t understand the point of hashtags, but if I did I would say #Ilovebeingamom =D

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