Just wanted to share some quick highlights from our weekend!  I went out for dinner on Friday night with some ladies from our new church and had a very nice time.  It was great to start to get to know some more people out here!  The following day Ethan had his second swim lessons – he goes with his Daddy for some special bonding time.  Funny story: the instructor asked Ethan what his favorite kind of ice cream was to try to illustrate scooping up the water/ice cream.  Ethan looked confused and said, “bananas?” =)

After swim class, Ethan, Mike and I tried sardines for the first time.  Ethan and Mike liked them.


Saturday evening we went to a small group gathering with some people from church.  That was a lot of fun and VERY kid-friendly which is always helpful!  Everything around here is constantly covered in pollen for a couple of weeks, so we gave boys a bath after playing outside.


Sunday we went to church and then spent some time watching “The Masters”.  This is one of Mike’s very favorite Sundays – he absolutely loves “The Masters”.

IMG_9896 IMG_9898 IMG_9902

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