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I was just going to call this “food”, but then realized that kombucha and beet kvass are not technically food…  Anyway, it’s been requested that I share a little about a few of the things we consume on a regular basis around here.  I won’t be turning this into a health blog or anything, but this does give you a glimpse into our daily lives and that’s why I do this website.

SO.  In the morning, I drink about 4 oz of beet kvass…a “delightful” (delightful only in the sense that it’s good for me, not because of the taste so much) fermented drink that I make at home.  Here’s why it’s good for you in short: blood tonic, digestive regulator, blood alkalizer, liver cleanser and overall healing tonic.  It’s a detox tool.  Rather than type out the recipe I use, check out my friend’s site for the recipe.  It takes very little time and effort to make it and it’s very good for you.  So, for me, it’s one of those nutty health nerd things I like to do. =)

IMG_0053IMG_0055IMG_0057ALSO.  I am making homemade kombucha.  I am disappointed in my progress thus far…it’s actually really easy to do, but I think my SKOBY is dead…so I may be starting over again!  It’s a bummer because this is an expensive health drink if you don’t brew it at home ($3.50 a bottle!!).  Here’s why I drink kombucha on a daily basis (and why you should, too): detoxification, joint health, immune booster, and digestive/gut health.  I can tell when I haven’t had it in a while and it’s something I crave regularly.  Somehow it also helps to curb my desire to eat sweet food constantly.  Don’t know if that’s scientific or something other people experience…but that’s my personal experience.  I ordered a dehydrated SKOBY online which came with directions on how to re-hydrate it and brew it.  Here’s a link to my friend’s site where she talks about it and explains how to make it:

IMG_9620 IMG_9621

This is my SKOBY / “mother”…when you look up pictures of kombucha online, you’ll see that mine is teeny tiny….thus I’m not sure that it’s working this time around.  I’ll be trying again.


And, lastly, I make “ice cream“.  We call it ice cream because we don’t really have real ice cream and I’m not very creative.  SO, ice cream it is.  I just freeze a couple of bananas and put a few spoonfuls of coconut cream (we buy ours from Trader Joe’s) together in our food processor (blender would probably work, too, but the coconut cream isn’t very liquid-y, so you’d want to add it slowly) and blend it up.  Sometimes I add a little vanilla extract.  Sometimes I add frozen strawberries.  Nom Nom Paleo has a more legit recipe on the app, but I don’t really follow it when I’m serving the boys. =)  She calls for 3 frozen bananas, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 tsp vanilla extract and 1/2 cup coconut cream.

IMG_0192 IMG_0196 IMG_0194

And since we’re talking about food…if you’ve made it this far in my post about weird health things we consume you deserve a story…  At dinner yesterday, Ethan says, “If I eat 4 more bites of salmon, can I please have some more brussels sprouts?”  Awesome.  And today at Bible Study someone said something about brussels sprouts in Ethan’s class and he apparently thought for a minute and then said, “Hey! I ate brussels sprouts last night at dinner!  I dip it in sauce! (AKA balsamic vinaigrette)”

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