Just catching up on some posting…so here’s a post of a bunch of fun pictures of life in the Cleve Crew.

On our way home from BSF, we always have “liquids”.  I made the boys smile for a picture before I would hand them over. =)

IMG_0405 IMG_0406

Ethan is working on his numbers now…and is loving it:

IMG_0410 IMG_0413 IMG_0415

Hobby Lobby:


“Cutting” Micah’s hair…some day this will probably actually happen.  I helped my friend cut his brother’s hair once…and I cut my own bangs very stylishly once, too.  No harm done thus far.

IMG_0437 IMG_0436 IMG_0427

Playing in the box tunnel…for about a half hour…then we had to get rid of it due to inability to share space.IMG_0444

Walking around our neighborhood.  They don’t have many sidewalks around here…it’s weird. IMG_0461IMG_0458

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