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At the park up the street….  Micah gathered pinecones.  Ethan did big boy things.  Micah apparently always tells Ethan that he wants to do those kinds of things, too, but we always have to giggle and tell Micah that he is not 3 years old like Ethan, yet, so he can’t go on the monkey bars or whatever else it is that he is “asking” Ethan to do.

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Ethan trying not to smile.  He’s wearing a shirt Mike wore when he was a kid. =)


Playing in the rice box outside on the porch:


As soon as Mike gets home at night, Micah runs to the door and waves until Mike picks him up.  Meanwhile, Ethan hides (in the same place every evening) and tells me to tell Daddy that Ethan already went to bed…then I am supposed to “cough” so that Ethan can surprise Daddio.  Sometimes I try to trick Ethan and have Daddy just surprise him in the hiding place, but E doesn’t like that. =(  Then they all race upstairs so that Daddio can get changed and they can wrestle for a while.  Micah goes into his bathroom and picks up the stool to bring with him so that he can easily climb onto the bed or jump to Daddy.  Apparently he also always grabs one of the books by my bed and reads it for a little while while the other guys are wrestling.  We finally captured a decent picture of it. =)


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