Mother’s Day Weekend

We had such a nice Mother’s Day weekend.  We just wanted to spend time together and explore Georgia a bit, so that’s what we did.

On Saturday we went to Lake Lanier which is about 30 minutes away.  We did a little hike and enjoyed the beautiful scenery and weather.

IMG_0618 IMG_5885 IMG_0619 IMG_5906 IMG_5920 IMG_5923 IMG_5939 IMG_5947 IMG_5961

Tried to get a good pic of the boys and me after church on Sunday…not very successful…but it’s something!

IMG_5974 IMG_5976


Next we drove up to Amicalola Falls for another hike.  It was about an hour away and absolutely beautiful.  The Appalachian trail starts here, too.  Someday I imagine we’ll do some of that trail!

IMG_5990 IMG_5993 IMG_0628 IMG_6005 IMG_6011 IMG_6030IMG_6019 IMG_6037 IMG_6034 IMG_6040 IMG_6041 IMG_6060 IMG_6069 IMG_6073 IMG_6078


Wonderful weekend.  Wonderful family.  Feeling very blessed.


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