Birthday Skype with Hana

We really enjoy skyping with the Maurer girls.  Ethan asks me regularly if he can call the “C” on my phone (Cass) and, as long as it’s not 6:30 in the morning, I try to oblige him.  Yesterday we skyped with them to open Ethan’s birthday presents.  So much fun!  It’s hilarious to watch the two of them interact – Ethan asks Hana to bring a toy to show him, but he primarily wants to see her cars.  Hana wants to know the name of all of Ethan’s toys, but he rarely names them anything more than “red car”, etc. Boys and girls are so naturally different.  Anyway, she got him an adorable Lightning McQueen hat and masks that we can decorate. He absolutely loved it!

IMG_0843IMG_0847 IMG_0859 IMG_0862 IMG_0864 IMG_0865


We are SO excited for our family trip to Louisville with them at the end of July!

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