The things he says…

While standing at his bedroom window during a big rain storm, Ethan was praying to God, “Dear God, can you please let us go outside today because I really want to go outside and play.  Thank you for listening. Amen.”


Ethan was sitting in the backseat on our way home from the grocery store when he said, “I hear God talking to me in my ear.  Do you want to know what he is saying?”  I am intrigued.  “Of course!”  “He is saying, ‘I love you so much, Ethan.  Because I am your Savior.’  Do you hear Him, Mom?”  “No…I don’t hear Him.  I think that was just His special message to you today.  I know that He loves you very much.”


The other day I was trying to open something in the kitchen and was struggling.  Ethan said, “You have to be stronger than Jesus to open that!”

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