All About Ethan


Ethan is 4 years old now.  He originally thought that as soon as he turned 4 he would be starting preschool.  This is not the case, but he will be starting the first week in September.  He’ll be going to a 3-day (Tues, Wed, Fri) preschool at a Baptist church right up the street.  He’s looking forward to starting…much more than I am looking forward to bringing him.  I just can’t believe he’s old enough!!

Weight: 42.8 pounds

Height: 3 feet, 7 inches (he grew an inch in 3 months, as measured by his super cute measuring board)

Clothes: 4T pants/shorts & 5T shirts

Ethan LOVES:

  • cars
  • riding his bike (and now his new scooter, too)
  • doing “dirt” (AKA picking up crumbs off the floor and putting it in his trash truck or one of his construction trucks)
  • playing his “Construction” game or “Ethan’s World” or “Candy Land”
  • chasing “Moshie” (AKA Micah) around the house with cars
  • playing outside
  • swimming at our neighborhood pool
  • skyping
  • calling people (sometimes even when I am not around to interpret)

He’s a pretty good eater.  For his birthday dinner he requested pizza, so I guess that must be one of his favorites (and something we don’t get very often, so it’s a special treat).  He wakes up around 6:30 or 7, has a rest (sometimes a nap, sometimes not) after lunch for 1.5 hrs and then goes to bed at 8 pm.  Cleaning up his toys is not his “favorite thing in the universe”, but he usually cooperates fairly well.  He loves his brother very much…likes to push him around and tackle him, too.  He is anxious for Micah to wake up in the mornings and asks (and sometimes doesn’t) to go into his room as soon as he hears him.  One morning we found Ethan in the crib with Micah.  Another time we found about 50 diapers in the crib with Micah.  Thankfully we seem to have stopped him from blasting one of Micah’s sleep songs.  Apparently Micah always requests that the music be on and loud. =/  hmm….  He loves music and sports.  He likes to “bless” people by being kind to them, or giving hugs and kisses.  Overall, Ethan is a bundle of energy and love.

P.S. Don’t worry, those of you who are keeping score at home, I will post “All About Micah” soon. =D

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