Science Experiments

Ethan got a super creative gift from our neighbors for his birthday: a bag full of simple science experiments!  You should have seen his face when the girls showed up at our doorstep on his birthday – thrilled!!  We feel so very blessed to have such thoughtful, fun neighbors.  The kids (theirs and ours) all watch out the windows to see when the others are outside so they can BEG to join them. =)  Ethan did his first “science experiment” while mom and dad were still in bed…he used a funnel to pour a packet of Kool-Aid into a bottle of oil.  The bag is now up high so that I can supervise and do the science experiments as they are intended to be done. =)

Here are some pics of our first legit science experiment:

IMG_0957 IMG_0958 IMG_0961 IMG_0962

And some pics of the cul-de-sac action:

IMG_1037 IMG_1034 IMG_1036

And time at our neighborhood pool last week:


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