Photo catch up!

I’m just throwing a bunch of pictures from the last week in one big post.  There aren’t really stories to go along with them….

Getting ready for bed usually consists of reading books and playing games:

IMG_0952 IMG_1025

I got a new haircut.  It’s taken some time to get used to, but I like it.  The woman who cut my hair is Asian and told me that I am “Anne Hathaway from ‘The Miserables'”:


We had our neighbors over this week.  I think they may have been shocked at our lack of pink things.  This was the best I could do for playing dress up….

IMG_1053 IMG_1052 IMG_1065 IMG_1066

Today we met them at a big warehouse full of playgrounds – they have open play on Wednesday and Fridays from 10-1 pm.  It’s a place that sells playgrounds.  Unfortunately, the place was not air conditioned…but the snack room was!IMG_1077

Quick house update – we have NO bushes in our front yard anymore!!!  Woohoo!


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