Father’s Day Weekend

We had a great weekend celebrating Daddio and how wonderful he is!  On Saturday, we (and Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Fennema) bought Ethan his first legit golf clubs!  He has been asking to play golf with Mike for a while now, so we finally got him set up to do so.  Mike and E went to a driving range for a while Saturday afternoon.  Micah and I joined them after a while and then we all went to Whole Foods for some yummy dinner.

IMG_6262 IMG_6267 IMG_6274 (showing his muscles)IMG_6282 IMG_1171 IMG_1174 IMG_1183 IMG_1189 IMG_1191 IMG_1194

On Sunday, we woke Mike up to a video/slideshow we had made for him and then took a drive into the “mountains” to a cute little town called, “Helen”.  It is supposed to resemble towns in Germany.  We plan to compare next summer when we go visit our friends there!  It was lots of fun and was only about 1.25 hours away.  We took a short hike to see some beautiful waterfalls, had lunch in town, and then played mini golf.  Both boys were exhausted by the time we were done with that (actually, more like as soon as we started playing we realized that Micah was extremely tired…), so we head home.

IMG_6304IMG_6308 IMG_6312 IMG_6318 IMG_6324 IMG_6338 IMG_6346 IMG_6348 IMG_6353 IMG_6360 IMG_6361And, of course, Mike enjoyed watching the US Open with his boys. =)

IMG_1129IMG_1200IMG_1136 IMG_1143IMG_1141

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