I am VERY happy to report that everything is finally working smoothly with my homemade kombucha!  You might remember that this is a fantastic detoxifying drink that I have every morning…but you may not have realized how stinkin’ expensive it was.  $3.50 per bottle (which is technically 2 servings, but still!!)  No more!  I officially have two scobys producing 3 gallons of kombucha on a regular basis!  If you would like a scoby to make some of this delicious, amazingly healthy drink…let me know and I can give you a baby scoby in person….I’m not about to try to ship one of these babies!! =)

IMG_1115 IMG_1113 IMG_1118 IMG_1110 IMG_1111 IMG_1114

E helped me mix in the cup of sugar (this is the food for the scoby, so it’s not actually something I am consuming) to the hot black tea to make my kombucha this past week.  Very helpful. =)


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