Grandma Fennema

Here’s what I know to be true: my Grandma Fennema was and (is again!) a wonderful woman.  I am thankful that death didn’t get the last word; she is alive again walking the streets of gold without pain.  I envision her laughing with head back and eyes closed, just like she did so often here on earth.

IMG_0163 Match game  G&G086  gma, gpa, James, MicahGrandma 2

She was so spunky!  She loved to laugh, loved to read, loved to cook yummy food, and loved the Lord.  I hope and pray that I can mature into a woman of even half of her caliber by the time I am 86 years old.


She and my wonderful grandpa were married for 65 years and had the most incredible marriage.  Truly a blessing for which I am VERY thankful.  We had the opportunity to celebrate their anniversary together as a family on the houseboat 3 short weeks ago.

Great Grandma and Grandpa and boys-3  IMG_2248 Micah and Great Grandma

She was a wonderful great-grandmother to my children.  The other night Ethan asked me if Jesus and God were the only two people in heaven. It was the bittersweet moment I needed to tell him that someone very special to us had joined them in heaven: his great grandma Fennema. “Why?” he asked. I told him it was time for her to be with Jesus now. Mike explained so sweetly that we can be sad because we will miss her so much, but that we can also be happy for her because she could not be happier than she is right now in heaven…. Amen.

Jess and Grandma-2-s photo (6) 

And she was the best grandma a girl could hope for.  SO, it’s hard to explain how I’m doing because the minute I get sad and start to cry, I am reminded that she is finally without pain and praising Jesus face to face.  

He comforts those who mourn.  Great is His faithfulness.

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