One-on-one time

We have been loving the special one-on-one time the boys have been getting with me now that Ethan has started preschool.  Micah and I run a few errands and then just spend the rest of the time playing together.  After we pick Ethan up from school, both boys go down for rests.  Ethan gets up before Micah does, so I usually have at least a half hour of “Mommy and me” time with Ethan.

Dropping Ethan off at preschool in the morning:

IMG_2499 IMG_2500

Hanging at the bookstore:

IMG_2501 IMG_2502

Micah knows how to get water from the fridge now…so he makes lots of messes and thinks he’s oh-so-funny while doing so:

IMG_2506 IMG_2507

Playing the “Construction Game” during “Mommy and me” time (Ethan named it):IMG_2511 IMG_2512

Here are some of the things Ethan brought home from school his first week:IMG_2509 IMG_2510

Grocery shopping with only one kid again:


Ethan LOVES preschool.  I don’t have a good feel for what he does there every day because when he gets in the car and I ask him what he did at school today he usually says, “the same thing I do every day!” Not helpful.  But as the day goes on he shares random stories with me.

Micah misses Ethan during the day, I think, but is really loving all the extra attention.  =)


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