Day to Day

Just wanted to share some random pictures from our day-to-day activities:

Our front yard is still a bit of a wreck…but our boys LOVE to play in dirt so it works out okay!

IMG_2516 IMG_2517

We hope to hang out with our buddy every Monday now…we have so much fun together!  Here they are “ice painting” – food coloring in ice cubes…brilliant, messy, fun!IMG_2533 IMG_2537

Ethan loves to play school these days.  He drives us to school on the bus.  He told me that he couldn’t look back at me because “he had to keep his eyes on the road”. =)IMG_2539

Here’s Micah trying to pitch the ball to Ethan.  A little close for comfort……IMG_2541

Still love playing games while Micah naps:

IMG_2551 IMG_2552 (seriously look closely at how he organizes his dominoes…)IMG_2553 IMG_2555

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