Bible Study Fellowship (aka BSF or Bible Study) started this past Thursday.  We are studying Matthew this year and I’m very excited about it!  Micah walked calmly into his room without any tears.  I was told that he was quite the independent player, but was very good.  Ethan’s class is almost all girls, with the exception of him and one other boy.  He didn’t seem to mind, but did say that he played with the boy the most. =)

IMG_2561 IMG_2562

After BSF, we headed to Whole Foods for lunch.  We went straight to Ethan’s first day of soccer right after that.  Ethan loved soccer.  Thursdays are going to be a little crazy for us!!  What a lot of fun, though!  I can’t complain.

IMG_2564 IMG_2565 IMG_2566

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