Let’s take a little trip down memory lane…

Here’s what our house looked like when we moved in:



For a long time it looked like this:

IMG_6567 IMG_7477

And then this weekend…

IMG_2723 IMG_2727 IMG_2730 IMG_2732 IMG_2733 IMG_2737 IMG_2739 IMG_2740 IMG_7494 IMG_7495


We’ve come a long way.  Lots of work still pending, but it sure feels good to have one side *almost done!

*we are waiting on one final bush, but the hole is prepped and ready to plant!

We’ve also done some work with our neighbor on the area in between our houses.  You may remember this guy:

IMG_2587 IMG_2680 IMG_2682


Roses will be planted here soon and the finishing touches will be done to the wall also.  It looks so much nicer already.  We love our neighbors!!

And we love getting dirty!



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