Hanging out

Micah has developed a love for doing puzzles and he’s starting to get pretty good at them now, too.  Ethan loves to help him do them, which is nice, but I think Micah prefers to work on them when E is at school.

IMG_2797 IMG_2798 IMG_2799 IMG_2800


The boys seriously LOVE to match…or, at least, to coordinate.  The other day, Ethan had on his Elmo shirt.  So, of course, Micah asked to wear that one, too.  And on Sunday, Mike and I were both wearing striped shirts.  As it turned out, Micah was in a striped shirt, too.  Ethan came running into our room in a striped shirt and plaid shorts (he had been dressed in his fancy clothes already) and then burst into tears when Mike, not realizing the significance of the striped shirt, asked him to change back into what he was wearing.  Needless to say, we all wore stripes that day (we simply asked Ethan to change his shorts instead).

IMG_2824 IMG_2814 IMG_7556 IMG_7560


Ethan requested that I take this picture of his “shiny teeth.”



Ethan decorated a lovely pumpkin at preschool.  I LOVE fall decorations, so I was very happy to hang it up!


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