Silly Stories

Today as we dropped Daddio off at our friend’s house before work, Micah began sobbing.  Ethan said, “It’s okay, Moshi.  That’s how I feel when daddy goes to work, too.” SO sweet.

Ethan enjoys getting “back scratches, back massages and back tickles” when getting tucked in each night.  He says, “when you hear me count to five, then you can start the back massages” and then proceeds to count as slow as humanly possible.

I was giving Micah his snack earlier and he kept yelling something that I didn’t understand.  I went back into the room to see him signing “thank you” to me over and over again while he yelled “thank you”.

On the way to school, Ethan asked, “when I die, can I run to Jesus and give him a big hug?”  I said, “of course you can!  He would love that.  He is crazy about you!”  E responded, “I will give him a big squeezer hug.  I love Jesus and God.  Did He already finish my house in heaven?”  I told him, “He’s got it ready for you.”  “Wow, how did He make it so fast??”  I said, “He has known that you were coming since before He even made the earth, so He has had a lot of time to prepare…but He could just say, ‘build a house for Ethan’ and it would be done that second.” “Wow.  He’s strong, huh?”  He sure is!

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