Wedding in Michigan

A couple of weekends ago, Micah and I flew to Michigan for my cousin’s wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding and a wonderful time with my family.

The flight went just fine.  Micah loved looking out the window:IMG_2956 IMG_2959

We had some fun at great grandpa’s condo and took a nap before getting ready for the big night:

IMG_2971IMG_2976 IMG_2973IMG_2988

Wedding Day!  This is my aunt and uncle and their three…make that four…children: 773702_507702509326095_1259671758_o IMG_2989IMG_2992 IMG_2997 IMG_3004 IMG_3008

I think we had the best table at the reception.  I’m still laughing from all the hashtags!! IMG_3015 IMG_3017 IMG_3021IMG_3018 IMG_3023 IMG_3025

The next day a bunch of us went to a museum and checked out an awesome farmers’ market.  Micah fell asleep on grandpa…his favorite place to be. IMG_3046 IMG_3047

Micah absolutely loves babies.  He was glad to give his baby cousin, Ivan, lots of kisses!IMG_3048 IMG_3060

Meanwhile, Ethan spent the afternoon with our buddy, Ryan.  SO blessed to have them living nearby and so willing to help out!!IMG_3028

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