Cute Catch Up Pics

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Working out with Mama (absolute best line from Ethan while doing “30 day shred” with me was, “That girl isn’t very good at these”.  He pointed to the girl who was doing the easier version of pushups (AKA girl pushups).

IMG_3256 IMG_3363 IMG_3254IMG_3260IMG_3264IMG_3268IMG_3294IMG_3297IMG_3301IMG_3306

Micah lying on top of daddio:


Aunt Jen and Uncle Jason sent the boys a bat (which they love, despite the frowny faces you see here) and new towels:

IMG_3316 IMG_3319 IMG_3345 IMG_3348

Our neighbors were outside wearing matching outfits on the same day our boys were wearing their matching outfits.  We just had to take a picture! IMG_3337

This is what my guys call, “the man cave”.  They go in here to read books together.  Hilarious.


Micah was feeling a little upset…


“The cow says, ‘moo'”:


Playing outside with our neighbors.  Micah absolutely adores this little baby and came to say, “hello” over and over again.


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