Well, I don’t like Halloween.  It’s my least favorite holiday.  But I took Ethan trick-or-treating for the first time this year and he really enjoyed it.  He was very kind and was just excited to be outside while it was dark.  We visited each of our neighbors houses and they were all so glad to see us which made it worthwhile in and of itself.  We added three extra houses, just for fun! =)  Then we rushed home to go to bed since it was so late and E had school in the morning.

Here’s E handing out candy to our neighbors:

IMG_3206 IMG_3249 IMG_3214

E decided to wear his Tigger costume from his cousins instead of wear his football costume again.  I guess when he wears his Packers jersey at least once a week the novelty of it goes away and no longer feels like something special. =)

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