All Things Micah!

Here’s some fun information on sweet little Micah who is 2 years old now…wow!

Height: 34.75 inches (AKA almost 3 feet tall)

IMG_3834 IMG_3837

Weight: 27.4 lbs

IMG_3838 IMG_3839

Temperature: 102.3 was the high on his actual birthday. poor kid.

Size: 2T

Likes: cars, sitting at the counter in the kitchen playing cars, coloring, racing E around the house, eating, drinking milk, being held by Mommy, Christmas lights, watching “Cars” or “Life” (“huge bubble!” -Micah), building tall towers with legos, and hiding in the pantry.

Dislikes: being told “no”, not being held by Mommy when he wants to be held, watching a show that Ethan picks if it’s not “Cars” or “Life”, and having any of his cars taken away from him

He sleeps from 8 until 6:30 most days and almost always takes at least an hour nap.  He’s a big snuggler and is starting to talk A LOT (though we are still having some trouble understanding everything, we can probably understand about 85% of what he says).  He shares very well, but is definitely stubborn about some things.  Such a gift to raise this little boy into a brave, kind, Jesus-loving young man!!

IMG_3896 IMG_3806 IMG_3847

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