Partial December Recap

We’re just getting home from a wonderful 12-day vacation, so I have much to update.  I’ll start, however, by posting some pictures from the latter part of December, before our travels.

Ethan had two Christmas Programs this year…the very first Christmas Programs he has ever been in or even seen.  As it turns out, Ethan doesn’t enjoy doing things he doesn’t understand or things for which he doesn’t have a frame of reference.  Thus, the first Christmas Program (the one for his school) didn’t happen.  I tried everything I could think of…short of down right bribery…to help him to participate, but he refused.  We did enjoy watching all of his friends participate, however, and they did an excellent job.  Here’s Ethan holding the program:



Thankfully, Ethan had no problem participating in the Christmas Program at church the following Sunday.  He knew a little better what to expect and did a great job!  He sang “Go! Tell It on the Mountain” and “I’ve Got the Joy! Joy! Joy! Joy! Down in my Heart” with his class and also said, “Luke 2:11” all by himself to kick off their Bible verse.

IMG_3950 IMG_3933 IMG_3951 IMG_3961


The following week, Micah and I went into Ethan’s class at school to help with the Christmas party.  We prepared the “snow” in the ornaments ahead of time and surprised Ethan when we got there.  They painted snowmen on the ornaments. Lots of fun!

IMG_3971 IMG_3966 IMG_3968 IMG_3978 IMG_3977

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