Phoenix Pt 2: the wedding

Ashley and Zach’s wedding was beautiful!  The bride was stunning!  Our boys made it down the aisle…holding hands and smiling…like little champs.  Pictures can’t fully show the beauty of the day…but they come close.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I am sure I’ll be posting plenty more in the future as the professional pics are bound to be much better than ours. =)

1497766_10201243331220737_207030247_n 1506626_10201243137095884_1082409405_n IMG_4407 IMG_9074 IMG_9063 IMG_9099 IMG_9103 IMG_9109 IMG_9128 IMG_9234 IMG_4445 IMG_9230 IMG_9235 IMG_9236 IMG_4441 28181_10201243304940080_1953772233_n IMG_9150 IMG_9158 IMG_4415 IMG_4418


The picture of the cupcake surprise is just for YOU, Ace! =D  sooo good!

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