Wisconsin Pt 2

Besides spending some wonderful time with my family, we got to see some friends, too!!  We were absolutely honored to be able to witness sweet little Ellie’s baptism!  Ellie is Cassia (my best friend) and Adam’s youngest daughter and the darling little sister to Hana.  What a special privilege!

IMG_8423 IMG_8456 IMG_8464 IMG_8571IMG_8516IMG_8520IMG_8556 IMG_4136IMG_4141

Later that evening, we all had our parents watch the kiddos and the adults went out for dinner.  YUM!

IMG_8595 IMG_4300


The next day we went to Illinois to see my childhood best friend, Calen, and her family.  It was especially fun to think about all of the things we did together when we were the age of our kiddos. Crazy!  Someday I will have to show some pictures of my childhood with Cay…and you’ll see the uncanny resemblance she has with her children.

IMG_8597 IMG_4185 IMG_4238 IMG_4270 IMG_8772

They crashed about five minutes after getting into the car.  Elle had made Ethan a necklace…he wore it on his head like so:


And, lastly, I got together with two of my dear friends from high school.  It was supposed to be an even bigger group, but kids getting sick at the last minute lowered the numbers…something we never had an issue with when we were in high school!! =D



We had an absolutely wonderful time in Michigan and Wisconsin!!  Can’t wait to go back…


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