A few more vacation pics

I wanted to post a few more vacation pics from our time in Wisconsin and Michigan now that I’ve seen my dad’s pictures.  He’s quite the photographer and always does such a great job capturing our time together.  So, here are some of his best pictures:

Ethan sledding-2 Jason, Ethan-2 sledding-5 sledding-6 Micah

My brother, Gerrit, won the fantasy football league.  Here’s how my brother-in-law awarded him the trophy this year:

Fantasy champMicah balloon flightEthan balloon fight 

This is at Jen and Jason’s condo in Chicago:

Jess and boysIvan and his auntsMike and boysGrandma, Jess, with boys

And here’s our Christmas celebration at my parents’ house:

family picturecousins-2Micah, MomMicah's jacketpuzzleGrandma, Ivan, Micah-2


See?  Such good quality pics!!  =D

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