Aunt Jennie

Aunt Jennie was in Atlanta for a trade show the weekend after we got back from our holiday travels.  We were VERY excited that she stayed with us for an extra two days afterwards!  Here are the boys getting pictures and welcome sign ready for her:


While E was at school, Micah went on a run with Aunt Jennie and Mommy and then played at the playground afterwards:


They played cars a lot:


And also did a lot of puzzles:

IMG_4496 IMG_4497 IMG_4501 IMG_4503 IMG_4504IMG_4539IMG_4536

We played with our new play-doh from cousin Anne.  We made Aunt Jennie!

IMG_4510 IMG_4517IMG_4524IMG_4518

And played A LOT of “soccer”.  This was Ethan’s favorite thing to do with Aunt Jennie…probably because she is so much more animated than I am! =DIMG_4529IMG_4531 

And Micah enjoyed sharing chapstick with his Auntie whenever she put some on…bummed this one is blurry because it would have been so cute!



We had a great time with Aunt Jennie here to visit!

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