Everyday Life

Micah loves his baby.  It used to be my baby when I was a little girl.  Then we gave it to Ethan to prepare him for when Micah was born.  Ethan never had all that much interest in it, but Micah now LOVES it.  If you ask him what his baby’s name is, he’ll tell you, “I don’t know.”  Like himself, he calls it “baby.”  He also loves real babies and always wants to hold them, hug them, or give them a kiss.  He’s going to be a fabulous daddy someday!

IMG_4632 IMG_4642 IMG_4637


Ethan has been practicing his happy smile.  We’re getting there…



He is also very interested in updating his calendar.  He has added important birthdays and trips and crosses off a day every morning.

IMG_4646 IMG_4649 IMG_4650

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