Florida, Part Two

Late Thursday night Mike flew down to enjoy a long weekend with us.  Thankfully the snow did not stop him!!  We had a great time with him.  He was able to spend time in the pool, at the beach, riding bikes, playing golf and going on a date with me!  He squeezed a lot of fun into his short trip – so thankful!

riding the bike-4 riding the bike-3 Ethan, Mike, bike  Ethan, Mike, bikes Ethan, bike-2 IMG_9401Micah, Deb, Ethan, Jess, LeeBeFish-2 Jess, Deb, Micah, LeeBeFish Old Marco  Mike and Ethan-4 Cleve Crew Grandpa, Micah-2 Grandpa, Micah-3 Grandma, Micah-2 sunset-1s Mike and Jess Great Grandpa Mike, Ethan, golfing-4 Great Grandpa-2 Mike, Ethan, golfing-5 Ethan, golfing Ethan, golfing-2 Mike golfing-3 Mike, Ethan, golfing IMG_9403  Jess and Mike-sIMG_9411

Time with family is priceless.  We’ve made memories that will last…for that we are thankful.

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