Florida, Part One

Last week we had the pleasure of vacationing in Naples, Florida.  My grandpa lives there 6 months out of the year and my parents have now been living there for 3 of those.  The boys and I flew down on Sunday night and Mike joined us on Thursday evening.  Then we all flew back home on Sunday night.  We stayed with my grandpa (as did my parents) and had an absolutely wonderful time.  As always, pictures tell the story much better than my words.  I’m doing this in two parts – part one being before Mike arrived and part two being when Mike was with us.

*Photo cred – any picture that looks amazing was taken by my dad. =D

IMG_4864 IMG_4869

At Grandpa and Grandma’s mobile home: Ethan, chaise lounge snack time-2

Going to the pool:
IMG_4890Ethan, poolMicah, Jess, pool

Hanging out at Great Grandpa’s condo:

IMG_4873Jess, MicahIMG_4924

Working on a 500-piece puzzle:

IMG_4875working puzzle-3working puzzle-2working puzzle-1IMG_4908

Reading lots and lots of books:

IMG_4918Ethan, Grandma, reading-2IMG_4895

Going for walks to find salamanders:


Riding Ethan’s NEW bike:


Going out for breakfast:


Bocce ball:


Playing “War” with Grandma (over and over and over…):IMG_4913War-1s Micah-s

Ethan’s late night walk with great grandpa (one of his highlights):IMG_4923

A little hike to find alligators and birds (only saw one alligator this time):  Jess, Micah, Ethan-3 Jess, Micah, Ethan-2 Jess, Micah, Ethan 10,000 Islands-2

An afternoon at Mackle Park on Marco Island: 

Ethan, Mackle Park-6 Ethan, Mackle Park-9 Micah, Mackle Park-5 Micah, Mackle Park-10 Ethan, Mackle Park-10 Micah, Mackle Park-17Micah copy 2Ethan Jess, John, Mackle Park 

Fun on the beach!

Deb, Micah, beach Micah, beach-2 MicahEthan, Micah, Grandma, Grandpa

Fun at some parks in Naples:

Sugden Park-2 Sugden Park Sugden Park-3 Jess and Micah-2 Jess, Micah, Ethan copy My house Micah copy

Lots of fun!!!

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