Some of our life as we live it…

Ethan is really starting to read now…and we give a whole lot of that credit to his awesome preschool.  Check out this video:

While Ethan is busy at preschool, Micah and I have all sorts of fun.  Here we are at a lunch date at Whole Foods.  He’s drinking his “special drink” which he loves!


We also read a lot of books.  Sadly, I only captured a few seconds of this…but it went on for quite a while.  He kept turning it around and around after every turn of the page.  It was adorable.

Here we are getting ready to eat some of our dehydrated fruit:

IMG_4983 IMG_4977

We like making milk mustaches:


Micah was SO proud of his artwork from church.  He wanted to take it with him everywhere he went.  Ethan wanted me to take some pictures of him, too.

IMG_5020 IMG_5028 IMG_5024 IMG_5025

Our boys are best buds.  Here they are snuggling while watching Veggie Tales.  They were even holding hands. Cute.

IMG_5032 IMG_5035

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