Wall decorations

Well, we finally put up the last of our wall decorations!

The boys’ great grandma Alice made this years ago!  Cool!!IMG_5078

We moved the elephants (photo taken by my dad) to under his name (letter ornaments sold by my sister’s company):


The farm was done by Great Grandma Cleve years ago!


We put the world map up in Ethan’s room.  E asks his Daddio to teach him a new country every single morning.  Adorable.  I’ll have to ask him tomorrow which countries he knows…I know he is learning China, Russia, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Turkey, Chili…and a bunch of others, too.

IMG_5116 IMG_5080

This was a gift from Grandma Cleve!  Love this city!  It’s hanging in the hall upstairs.


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