My guys

Making super shakes together:

IMG_5356 IMG_5357 IMG_5359

Posing after church:

IMG_5369 IMG_5377

On a lunch date with mommy:

IMG_5407 IMG_5404 IMG_5400

Ethan is “teaching” Micah his numbers:


A little snuggle time before Daddio left on a trip:


My boys’ reaction to me not allowing them to coax a robin into our house to build a nest inside by giving them handfuls of birdseed.  They were both very sad and needed to sit very close to each other to console themselves.IMG_5458

Snuggling while watching Veggie Tales:


Micah sitting on Ethan’s lap after his nap…then bringing a chair over to sit right next to him and give him hugs:

IMG_5576 IMG_5582 IMG_5585

Found the boys doing this puzzle in Ethan’s room this morning:



Feeling so thankful that my guys are buddies!!

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