Ethan & Daddio’s camping trip

Mike took Ethan on his very first camping trip this past weekend.  They went with a bunch of guys from our church.  Ethan was SO excited to go with just his daddy!  Here’s a picture of the two of them before they headed out:


I wish we had also gotten a picture of the couple dozen hugs Micah gave to E.  He kept giving him hugs and saying, “I have to tell you something, E…” but then never had anything much to say.  He also told him he was going to miss him and that he loves him “so, so much”.

They went camping at Vogel State Park about an hour and a half away from here in the north Georgia mountains.  They had a blast!  Asking Ethan about his time, he first told me that he got to have a piece of dark chocolate from his dad on the drive back home.  Later, he also added that he played with his friends while he was there (though he couldn’t remember any names) and went fishing, but didn’t catch anything.  Mike said they had a great time and he definitely wants to go back with our whole family sometime.

IMG_9613IMG_9569 IMG_9577 IMG_9571 IMG_9582 IMG_9589 IMG_9591 IMG_9593 IMG_9596 IMG_9605 IMG_9611

Here’s the guys after they got back!  What fun!!IMG_9616 IMG_9617

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