Savage Race

Wow.  Mike participated in…no, he rocked…a Savage Race this weekend!  I don’t think words can adequately describe this experience and I am SO glad the boys and I decided to go along so we could capture it with pictures and videos along the way.  And, quite honestly, I think I should have gotten a participation medal because I feel like I walked about half of the course…in the mud…with two boys…and managed to take a few pics and videos along the way.  And let me brag about those little champs while I’m bragging on the whole Cleve Crew Savage Race experience – these two guys walked a couple miles through the mud, cheered on their daddio for a few hours DURING nap time without anything more than one teensy tiny meltdown from Micah when he fell in the mud.

Please excuse the crass language used to describe some of the crazy obstacles my guy endured….but here is a picture of the map of this 6-mile, obstacle-laiden course:


We got to watch Mike at #1, 5, 7, 11, 12,13, 14, 20, 23, 24, and 25.  Mike participated along with 3 other guys from his work:


Here we are before the race begins…checking out the course & eating lunch:

IMG_9661 IMG_9672

The boys and I got to watch Mike jump into a pool of ice water to start off his race:

IMG_9680 IMG_9682

Then we headed over to #5:

IMG_9693 IMG_9699 IMG_9705

IMG_9712 IMG_9717
IMG_9727 IMG_9728 IMG_9730 IMG_5878   IMG_5899 IMG_5900 IMG_5914

The last fifteen minutes we were there it rained, but we managed a quick family picture!


Ethan fell asleep for most of the drive home.  Micah stayed awake.IMG_5937


What a blast!  We loved this crazy experience…and, yes, crazy is a VERY appropriate word to describe it.  Mike really enjoyed himself and thoroughly impressed his family.  He was also incredibly sweet and ran over to us every time we were nearby and gave us high fives, kisses, and smiled for pictures.  Total hero to our adventure-loving boys!

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