5k Ribbon Run!

The Cleve Crew is going to participate in our first familial 5k run and we’re doing it in an effort to support the “Atlanta Dream Center“.  Their mission is something we think Jesus cared an awful lot about: to reach the lost, rescue those in need and restore the brokenhearted.  They do this through their three inner-city ministries: iAm (homeless men), Out of Darkness (women enslaved by sex-trafficking) and Metro Kidz (children).  Metro Kidz mentors and provides programming for inner-city kids (sound familiar??), Out of Darkness rescues and restores women out of sex trafficking, and iAm focuses on bringing homeless men back into being productive members of society.  

We’re very new to this ministry, but hope this is our first step (a whole 5k worth of steps) in partnering with them to restore those that are lost for Jesus’ sake and glory!  We invite you to support us as we scoot, run, push, and sit (lucky Micah!) on Saturday, May 10th.  We’re hoping to raise at least $300 to help the Atlanta Dream Center reach their goal of $30,000.

Here’s the Dream Team:

IMG_6044 IMG_5915 IMG_5262 IMG_3404 IMG_3459

Had to use some old pics to complete this one…. E will be riding his new scooter, Micah will be chilling in the stroller and Mike and I will likely take turns pushing that beast the 3.1 miles we run.  We’re excited about it!!  Thanks for your support!!

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